"About the artist:

Cristina Tovar Raffalli holds a degree in Mass Communications from Universidad Monteávila.
She currently lives in Madrid, where she completed Master’s degrees in Creative Documentary and Experimental Cinema (TAI School), Screenwriting (TAI School), and Contemporary Audiovisual Creation (VIDEOLAB).

Her audiovisual works include the documentary Electric Dreams. This work was selected for the Calanda Festival in 2014 and was part of the Nikola Tesla: Suyo es el Futuro exhibition organized by Fundación Telefónica in Madrid.

As part of this exhibition, Electric Dreams was also screened at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, the Center for the Arts of Monterrey, the National Center for the Arts of Mexico City, the Labyrinth Museum of Sciences and Arts of San Luis Potosí and the Telefónica Foundation in Bogotá."

Text by Elvira Blanco


Photo by Diego Ayala Raffalli

Photo by Diego Ayala Raffalli

Photo by Diego Ayala Raffalli

Cristina Tovar (1989)

From Caracas, living in Madrid.
Photographer & video maker.



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